cut so you don't have to stare at this )

There's also innumerable amount of meme fics that haven't made it to an actual post yet =/
Hey f-list, I know sometimes everyone needs a reminder because time, especially holiday season time, can get away from you.

So, if you signed up for any secret santa fic exchanges, no matter what community, I hope you're well on your way to finishing it :) the deadlines are coming up all over the place this week and I know you're all fantastic writers. hop to ♥

And if any of you need to vent/express frustrations/bounce last minute ideas off someone, I'm almost always online *hearts;
List the first 3 lines of up to 10 things you're currently working on. Give us the title, fandom, and pairing if any. Post to your journal and have your f-list tell you what they notice from those three lines.

A lot of these are in shameless states of un-beta'd terror. Don't mind me (and everything is getting it's own lj-cut to save space on your friends pages). Also, I'm curious if you can tell any difference between the pieces I've had lying around since 08 and the ones I just started writing a few days ago.

Terra, KH, spoiler free )

original bit for The Princess Tower )

Tifa, KH )

Sue Sylvester, Glee )

Riku and Selphie, KH )

Autumn, Original Fiction )

Zuko/Katara, A:TLA )

Yuffie, Kingdom Hearts )

Axel and Roxas, Kingdom Hearts )

Larxene, Axel, Namine, Kingdom Hearts )



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