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While working the front desk on a busy Friday night, a slightly inebriated man kept insisting that he knew me from somewhere.

"Well," I replied, "I used to work at McDonald's, perhaps you saw me in the drive-thru?"

No go.

Finally, after a few minutes the man snaps his fingers and goes "I know what it is! You ever work in a porn-o? You're a dead ringer for the girl in that under-aged skin flick I just saw!"

(for the record, the answer was "no.")
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Far Away, by Nickelback. That was our song when we got back together and every time I hear it now, I want to vomit a little =/
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Funny thing, I -lost- my cellphone last ight and have3 been without it since roughly 4 p.m. It's been kind of surreal and I've been so completely cut off from everyone and everything. I woke up in the middle of th4e night and twitched under my pillow for it to see what time it was. Obviously, this was a no go.

So, really? I"d rather live without TV. Books and music can keep me entertained enough and really, all tv does is provide a reason -not- to do things more important. (like NaNo, which I'm procrastinating on atm)
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mustard greens DD: I had a room-mate who popped open a can, dumped the contents into a bowl and heated it up in the microwave. That stunk SO bad I was gagging on the other end of the apartment through a closed door.
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Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Don't laugh at me.

I had their cassette tape, with all the classic songs that everyone associates the chipmunks with. Then I had their country CD and their Disney CD and I listened to those songs like there was no such thing as other music.

The house we lived in before this one, I was still in second grade and there was this built in shelf that my stereo sat on and I remember putting my headset (these huge friggen ear-muff kind of things, couldn't hear the real world for anything and usually my parents would have to chunk a pillow at me to get my attention because I'd almost always inevitably fall asleep) and crawling under that shelf and just pretending I was playing the drums for the Chipmunks. and when I got tired I'd pretend that we were having adventures and conversations (and Simon was always my favorite ♥)

I'm not sure if you'd say I was still a fan. The movie severely disappointed me. But I'd love to go back and watch the cartoon series because, hello? Chipmunks
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What kind of question is this?? I, hands down, love fanfiction. Heck, some of the best stories I've read have been fanfiction. I return to those stories the same way I do any of the beloved books sitting on my shelf.

I think, in a way, fanfiction can be even more powerful than an original story. Here we're given characters we already care about, are familiar to us, and more than likely already have a place in our hearts. If fanfiction is done right (not saying it always is, but neither is every printed work done right) it can carry our emotions even farther.

On top of that, I've met some amazing people because of fanfiction. People who have grown to become some of my best friends in the world (heck, all the IRL friends I have I met through fanfiction!)
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Honestly, I have two seperate worst experiences, they're scaled differently.

in middle school )

meanwhile, in highschool )



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